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Additional information

Item Type

False Eyelash,Eyelashes Extension

False Eyelashe Length

under 0.5cm



False Eyelashes Style


False Eyelashe Type

Other False Eyelashes

Brand Name

HMQ beauty



Model Number


False Eyelash Material


False Eyelashes Terrier


False Eyelash Craft

Machine Made


Stainless Steel




Anti-magnetic,Anti-acid,Super hard,Hyperfind,High Precision


Eyelash Extension, Precision Electric Item Repair

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196 Reviews For This Product

  1. 196

    by D***h

    Delivery took a little less than a month, i recommend the store, i have not tried it yet.

  2. 196

    by P***v

    Not perfect fitting

  3. 196

    by N***a

    Thank you very much tweezers are gorgeous, perfect fitting!

  4. 196

    by K***a

    Good tweezers take up to 5 d to order more

  5. 196

    by C***z

    Not yet test but looks good

  6. 196

    by V***n

    Very nice

  7. 196

    by A***a

    Come quickly.

  8. 196

    by A***a

    Delivery fast, close to 4

  9. 196

    by A***h

    Good tweezers coupling ok

  10. 196

    by M***a

    Tweezers quality, sharpening good, corners match perfectly.

  11. 196

    by A***o

    Bad connection

  12. 196

    by V***a

    Tweezers for eyelash extension. On the first impression i can say that they are well made, sharpened, very cool, even, not bent. But there is a small minus, they smell terrible. But i think that the smell will fade over time. By design funny, interesting, vision will not strain. It remains to try in work. Thank you to the store, i highly recommend all others, especially for such a cost. I liked))

  13. 196

    by Customer

    Appearance of course-super! Delivery is very fast! But, tweezers l very tight stroke, the hand will definitely get tired of this, took 2 eyelashes boldly, no more. I’ll try to take it to the sharpening and bring it to mind, under myself. Separation-cool, even he takes and removes from the tape about 3 eyelashes.

  14. 196

    by L***a

    Went a long time, tweezers did not try in work, but the connection is good.

  15. 196

    by Customer

    With some stripes, but they look good edge, opening separation, size and weight!

  16. 196

    by Y***a

    Good tweezers!

  17. 196

    by D***r

    Product came on as described.

  18. 196

    by N***a

    Tweezers are exactly what i wanted. Metal heavy, spring soft, hands will not get tired. Very happy to buy. Delivery is fast.

  19. 196

    by A***p

    Pinzet, super, fight and yakista 5

  20. 196

    by I***c

    It seems good, but one does not converge or rather they are not the same length. I’ll try to work with them today. And so everything is fine

  21. 196

    by A***v


  22. 196

    by I***a

    I ordered a dolphin, a cool tweezers, i recommend. The goods came in 2 weeks. Seller recommend

  23. 196

    by L***a

    Tweezers are good, the closure is complete, not tight.

  24. 196

    by M***a

    Good tweezers good coupling recommend

  25. 196

    by R***o

    At first glance, like as normal, in the case has not yet tried

  26. 196

    by K***a


  27. 196

    by M***c

    good quality as always, returning customer

  28. 196

    by L***k

    Very satisfied

  29. 196

    by M***t


  30. 196

    by A***a

    Quality average

  31. 196

    by Y***a

    Good close, good quality

  32. 196

    by L***a

    Corresponds to the description, the opening of the tweezers to highlight the eyelashes is too large

  33. 196

    by L***a

    Excellent tweezers. And the price pleased. 2d on hurray. 3d fit need. I did not expect that they would be so comfortable. Light and comfortable. I ordered a couple for 250. I will order more, i think they will come the same good!

  34. 196

    by V***t

    Heavy, but for classics will come down

  35. 196

    by A***n

    Tweezers came, the close is good. In fact, later sign off

  36. 196

    by E***a

    Slightly heavy tweezers. The connection is good.

  37. 196

    by V***a

    amazing to work with these! i ordered more! recommend 100%

  38. 196

    by Y***a

    The store is very decent! Boldly order, sends quickly, responds to messages.

  39. 196

    by O***a


  40. 196

    by N***a


  41. 196

    by A***e


  42. 196

    by Customer

    Tweezers are so-so, for 3ku. Beams should not be formed by them. Yes, and for the classics they are bad, dividing so generally horror!!

  43. 196

    by E***a

    Delivery 11 days to rostov. excellent. In the work has not yet been

  44. 196

    by E***a

    I’ll start a review of what i definitely advise the store!!! Thanks for its fast delivery of goods, tracked track, packed everything was super!! Second (straight) sharp and opening super! thank you very much! Very nice to get such a product and with excellent quality!!!

  45. 196

    by D***o

    Tweezers are not bad, but not for volumes, only for classic build-up fit!

  46. 196

    by Y***n

    Very colorful, comfortable

  47. 196

    by D***a

    It did not seem convenient, but i can still try it out. For your money is good!

  48. 196

    by A***z

    This is my second order and as well as the first one, I’m not only satisfied because of the items I got, but also with super fast delivery. I will come back for more definitely!

  49. 196

    by C***o


  50. 196

    by C***i


  51. 196

    by K***a

    Wonderful quality. all whole and smooth

  52. 196

    by D***i

    Very very satisfied with my purchase is the 3eme pair of pliers that I buy but I use only the 1ere because it’s great the other 2 are tidy Frankly I recommend them they spread super well Very good handling Catches eyelashes very well Recommend to all

  53. 196

    by A***a

    Good quality

  54. 196

    by A***a

    Tweezers really liked!! chic in work, tight, but it does not bother me!

  55. 196

    by E***O

    Very nice pliers, I love the delivery is very long

  56. 196

    by E***a

    Fast shipping

  57. 196

    by E***o

    Walked 2 months

  58. 196

    by O***a

    Close close. In the work has not yet used

  59. 196

    by L***a

    Came fast enough. The connection is perfect, the work is comfortable, the metal is not soft! Thick enough. Everything is super!

  60. 196

    by E***a

    Came for 2 nellie, i will try

  61. 196

    by O***a

    So yourself

  62. 196

    by Customer

    Terrible! Which i should have expected. Move tight hand will quickly get tired! She took for students in order to study the types of tweezers.

  63. 196

    by O***a

    Good tweezers for this money

  64. 196

    by L***a

    Tweezers came very good quality

  65. 196

    by Y***n

    Surprisingly good quality for such a price

  66. 196

    by Customer


  67. 196

    by D***i

    Excellent Product, arrived ahead of time. Recommend the store

  68. 196

    by K***a

    Surprised by good quality for such money. Very good connection. I will order more. Very quickly delivered, well packed

  69. 196

    by K***k

    Super 🙂

  70. 196

    by Customer


  71. 196

    by S***n


  72. 196

    by E***a

    Tweezers for separation super. but the second does not take a large bundle of 3d maximum.

  73. 196

    by G***r


  74. 196

    by J***a

    Straight tweezers are just gorgeous. The second for me is useless, even for classics is not convenient. Five is a pure separation tweezers.

  75. 196

    by D***z


  76. 196

    by J***a

    Arrived fast, ordered 22/05 and reached 07/06, seems very good, however has a tip extremely thin try take very careful not to stick or hurt someone.

  77. 196

    by D***d

    Very high quality tweezers, managed to work no complaints) i recommend)

  78. 196

    by R***a

    Long sent (days 4) but delivery is fast. In mo for 9 days! Corresponds to the description

  79. 196

    by Customer

    Praskirstimo pincetas dobulas, O Kitas ne pilnai suima, kuokštelis Bira, nebent bandyt dirbti Su storesnėm blakstienom IR Max 3D kuokšteliu

  80. 196

    by C***a


  81. 196

    by L***l

    item as described

  82. 196

    by L***l

    items as described

  83. 196

    by V***o

    Ordered 22.04.19 came to order to me 10.06.19 for a long time, did not expect that in general will come, the description corresponds, the tweezers are whole, the end of the straight super, but the second one is so, not ideal. Thanks for the tweezers

  84. 196

    by N***o

    Good pintets, thank you

  85. 196

    by N***a

    Neat and comfortable!

  86. 196

    by V***o

    Great material and very accurate

  87. 196

    by V***m

    The order came quickly-to the usa for weeks. All consumables of good quality. But tweezers have an incomplete connection, diverge at the ends. Tweezers are not tight, they lie comfortably in the hand, but you will need to sharpen for complete closure.

  88. 196

    by G***a

    Excellent tweezers. Close perfectly.

  89. 196

    by F***r


  90. 196

    by D***a

    The order was in the 2nd week.

  91. 196

    by I***a

    Good tweezers!

  92. 196

    by A***a

    Tweezers are sharp, very comfortable.

  93. 196

    by G***a

    Excellent product.

  94. 196

    by K***h

    Tweezers arrived slightly scrtched and off center. will update feed back after I have used them

  95. 196

    by R***k

    Excellent tweezers. Tight fitting. Curved tweezers take bundles to 3d.

  96. 196

    by D***n

    Vsio xoroso

  97. 196

    by S***c

    as described good quality delivery fast would recommend item and store excellent service would order again

  98. 196

    by I***r

    Shipping fast! Tweezers are great!

  99. 196

    by E***e

    Tweezers class close well

  100. 196

    by Customer

    Good tweezer

  101. 196

    by I***R

    Excellent, always satisfied

  102. 196

    by A***a

    Very satisfied. Thank You

  103. 196

    by D***v

    The parcel came in 3 weeks, i can not say anything about quality yet

  104. 196

    by S***a

    Thanks to the store for the order. Tweezers super

  105. 196

    by M***s

    I arrive in 15 days, excellent quality, very good. I’ll definitely order more.

  106. 196

    by F***o


  107. 196

    by M***k

    Good tweezers came bytro

  108. 196

    by L***b

    Tweezers are no, but compared to the colored hotyab 2d with the 10th time can be done.

  109. 196

    by V***e

    Very good pliers even after some time of use!

  110. 196

    by F***y

    Delivered quickly

  111. 196

    by M***k

    In kiev for 20 days on ukrmail. Tweezers are perfect. 100%.

  112. 196

    by Y***a

    It came very quickly. Tweezers are good. Sharpened is not bad.

  113. 196

    by M***r

    Very good quality

  114. 196

    by L***z

    so pretty

  115. 196

    by S***e

    They look amazing

  116. 196

    by M***a

    Tweezers really liked, close well

  117. 196

    by A***a

    Looks like in the photo. Delivery is fast.

  118. 196

    by E***a

    The parcel was a month. Tweezers took curved. The quality is excellent, the bundle holds perfectly. Very satisfied

  119. 196

    by M***a

    Tweezers are good, but not as sharp as they write in the comments. It is necessary to sharpen, the ends of the tweezers are thick a little, it is not very convenient to highlight, and so everything is good, the move is not very soft, as i would like, but not very tight. So that the hand does not get tired, it is necessary to have a soft closing stroke. It came in about 4-5 weeks. Without damage and scratches, in the package

  120. 196

    by N***a

    Very fast shipping

  121. 196

    by T***a

    The surprise was quality. Very good. Not foil. Even. 2 weeks to kaliningrad

  122. 196

    by V***v

    On the appearance of a good tweezers. the close is complete. i took for eyelashes, i will add a tip as i try in the case) went for a long time.

  123. 196

    by D***a

    Tweezers are very good, easy move and excellent connection.

  124. 196

    by Z***a

    A little tegelato

  125. 196

    by E***a

    Delivery month. In appearance tweezers norms. The connection is not tight. In the case has not yet tried

  126. 196

    by Customer

    pretty and beautiful.

  127. 196

    by C***r

    Heavy but beautiful in color, very good quality I a very impressed

  128. 196

    by S***n

    Looks good

  129. 196

    by V***y

    Fast delivery, i take tweezers 4 times already, very pleased not to burn than for 2-3 thousand, the complete connection is not tight.

  130. 196

    by I***a

    With the store did not communicate, the goods were sent immediately. It’s been two weeks. The work is beautiful, not thin vivien. Lightweight, comfortable to hold in your hand. Well separates eyelashes. Sharpening very sharp

  131. 196

    by V***a

    Tweezers are chic, i’m very happy, thanks to the store.

  132. 196

    by V***v

    Good quality. What i wanted. Thanks to the store. I shop.

  133. 196

    by O***a

    Good tweezers, delivery fast!

  134. 196

    by I***a

    Good tweezers, very satisfied also for such money

  135. 196

    by A***s

    Perfect products, same in picture. Accuracy to catch the lashes

  136. 196

    by N***a

    Very nice all good quality

  137. 196

    by J***a

    Straight tweezers sharp to madness stabbed finger to blood!!! Curve tweezers straight as the name itself! In general, not happy with the purchase

  138. 196

    by D***a

    Tweezers for their price are excellent. Previously bought tweezers of well-known companies in russia, the quality is the same! A little did not like the straight tweezers (always shared the eyelashes with the cast), yet not used ((0.1, 0.07, 0,05 takes ideally any volume. The connection is good. A little sharpen-and it will be excellent (narrow the end of the direct tweezers)

  139. 196

    by Customer

    Tweezers are perfect! totally recomend!

  140. 196

    by F***h


  141. 196

    by I***a

    Good connection!

  142. 196

    by P***a

    A bit harsh, but the main thing is that the complete convergence of tweezers!

  143. 196

    by O***a

    Good tweezers all converge among themselves

  144. 196

    by N***s

    Tweezers very good and very accurate, worth the investment.

  145. 196

    by R***r

    Recommend the store request arrived super fast!

  146. 196

    by V***v

    Excellent strong

  147. 196

    by I***r

    I order a second time, the connection is excellent! Delivery to St. Petersburg in 10 days! Thank you very much to the store!

  148. 196

    by F***f

    Awesome tweezers, super sharpening, beams formed quickly, in general 5 stars

  149. 196

    by *.

    Really well sharpened

  150. 196

    by E***a

    Tweezers came quickly! Quality is excellent! Recommend!!!

  151. 196

    by V***o

    As in description PRFT

  152. 196

    by N***s

    Order arrived fast I ordered it on 23-10 and arrived on 18-11 all super

  153. 196

    by K***a

    Delivery 16 days to the Republic of Komi, very sharp, tight it is nice

  154. 196

    by F***r

    Tweezers really liked, although I bought on guess, but they approached me, lungs in my hands, cilia holds well

  155. 196

    by S***a


  156. 196

    by A***a

    The store quickly sent the order, ordered 30.10 came 22.11, very cool tweezers, I advise, I will still order from this seller

  157. 196

    by D***a

    Perfect fitting

  158. 196

    by M***e

    Great gripper, arrived in excellent condition, it was a month to arrive, but worth it!

  159. 196

    by K***a

    Not tight, comfortable. I like it. I have not tried in work yet

  160. 196

    by D***k

    Indense connection. For eyelashes will need to be sharpened before use

  161. 196

    by I***a

    Tweezers volume Takes Small, a little tight… Maybe I’m a handgun, experience is small, there’s nothing to compare with… In general, an excellent tweezers, T especially, and if you sharpen .. Delivery fast, a little less than a month

  162. 196

    by J***

    The appearance is not bad, the connection is good, soft. Delivery 2 weeks to Moscow

  163. 196

    by Customer

    The order came quickly, I have not tried the work yet

  164. 196

    by I***y

    The goods did not come, opened the dispute returned the money

  165. 196

    by A***c

    Poor contact have, not suitable for large volume

  166. 196

    by Customer

    Just super!!

  167. 196

    by N***y

    Fast shipping, but one tweezers no to compassion

  168. 196

    by R***r

    One side is shorter than the other. Because of this it is impossible to take a eyelashes. I got the paint.

  169. 196

    by Y***v

    For eyelash placement I see them pretty dangerous because they’re too pointy. Danger of nailing, the tip is very fine.

  170. 196

    by D***a

    Tweezers are not bad. But 3D and no longer takes.

  171. 196

    by F***f

    The connection is perfect. Tweezers are light, not like metal. I’ll try in work

  172. 196

    by S***m

    A little light for me but makes fan nicely after a few tries. Ordered 11/11, received 12/3 in Florida

  173. 196

    by A***v

    Good. Soft, sharp, accurate. Walked 3 weeks in L.O.

  174. 196

    by G***a

    Of all tweezers, the perfect coupling is only for 2x. I chose my favorites and work with them.

  175. 196

    by C***l

    Exactly to the picture, they close perfectly!

  176. 196

    by G***a

    I will test the review. Thank you.

  177. 196

    by S***a

    Super) tweezers cool, I will order more, because it costs a little, and in quality as expensive, the connection is good)

  178. 196

    by I***a

    Well calibrated a little hard and heavy compared to Vetus but for its price they are very well

  179. 196

    by O***A

    The tweezers are good, the spouts are closed. but the minus is that when the volume build up a bundle on 3D, one cilia one is not captured. that is, 2D is excellent, but 3D does not turn out

  180. 196

    by G***l

    Very cool tweezers, the same, but another company bought in the store many times more expensive, the quality is not different. Tweezers are very sharp, thank you

  181. 196

    by A***a

    Very light

  182. 196

    by V***a

    Excellent tweezers

  183. 196

    by O***r


  184. 196

    by K***a

    Very cool tweezers, came quickly

  185. 196

    by V***v

    Cool tweezers. Well sharpened. Precise closing.

  186. 196

    by D***o

    Fast delivery, chic quality, thank you very much, all the ordered goods are satisfied!

  187. 196

    by M***m

    I really liked tweezers! I have not tried it yet. I ordered it on November 16, the order came on December 14 to Bashkiria. the parcel was tracked. thanks to the store! Recommend!!! I will order more definitely from him!

  188. 196

    by И***й

    Good fitting

  189. 196

    by D***d

    Close in tweezers weak

  190. 196

    by M***a

    Finally came the right tweezers. The connection is excellent, the bundles holds. already once ordered and came another, the store returned the money.

  191. 196

    by D***v

    It came quickly. Very comfortable.

  192. 196

    by Customer

    Very good quality, it was worth waiting

  193. 196

    by Customer

    Are great

  194. 196

    by Customer

    Exactly the same as the photo

  195. 196

    by K***r

    The tweezers are nice, but it took them so long to get there.

  196. 196

    by R***r

    Tweezers are good for such money, but the clamp is weak!

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